Procedures and Charges for Access to Information

Requests for information or records held by the department under the Code on Access to Information may be made by letter or a downloadable application form (PDF). The application form is also obtainable at 10/F, North Point Government Offices or all Public Enquiry Service Centres of the Home Affairs Department. The application should be addressed to Access to Information Officer (AIO) by post, email or fax, citing the Code on Access to Information.

Address: Deputy Departmental Secretary (General)
  Administration Division
  Government Logistics Department
  8/F., North Point Government Offices
  333 Java Road
  North Point, Hong Kong
Email Address:
Fax No.: (852) 2887 6591

The following information is available for public inspection at the reception counter on 10/F of this department :

a. Copy of the Code on Access to Information, in both English and Chinese
b. List of information published or made available to the public free of charge or at cost
c. Organisation charts of Government Logistics Department

Other than publications which are available free of charge, or at cost specified, the following photocopying charge will be levied :

Photocopying black and white, with or without enlarging functions A4 size paper  HK$1.3 per copy(Note)
A3 size paper  HK$1.5 per copy(Note)

The above charge is subject to revision from time to time.

For enquiries about the Code on Access to Information, please call the AIO at (852) 2231 5398 or fax (852) 2887 6591 during office hours. You may also send emails to

For general enquiries about this department, please approach us through the ways specified in the "Contact Us" Section.

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