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Our Vision

We pledge to provide bureaux and departments of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Government with professional, cost effective and timely logistical support services in the areas of procurement and supplies, transport operation and management, as well as printing services, to enable them to serve the people of Hong Kong better.

Our Mission

We aim to :

Core Values

We adopt the following basic values :


Integrity To be fair, honest and free from any corrupt motive in the performance of our duties and to place the interest of the public, customers, department and colleagues above our own.
2. Professional Ethics To abide by the ethical standards in our respective professional fields.
3. Customer Service To strive to understand and satisfy the needs of our customers.
4. Team Spirit To create an environment for staff and customers to work together to achieve our common goals in a trusting and respecting manner.
5. Life Time Learning To keep abreast of advances in technology, management and operational practices in our respective professional fields as a life time learning commitment.

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