PGC Description PGC Code
Agricultural products and food
Food provisions 01910(0)
Water, drinking, bottled 02006(8)
PGC Description PGC Code
Aircrafts and marine crafts and related products
Aircrafts 79210(9)
Ships, boats and other vessels, not elsewhere specified 79300(8)
PGC Description PGC Code
Chemicals and related products
Activated carbon 51367(9)
Chemicals and reagents, analytical grade, for use in laboratories, not elsewhere specified 51190(5)
Chemicals for printing (including roller washing solvents, isopropyl alcohol, kerosene, press cleaning chemicals/materials, and plate processing chemicals etc) 59800(3)
Chemicals, for industrial use, not elsewhere specified (other than water treatment chemicals) 51350(7)
Chemicals, for the treatment of water and sewage sludge, not elsewhere specified 51395(5)
Chloride of lime (bleaching powder) 51360(5)
Chlorine, in liquid form 51500(0)
Common Salt, for pool water disinfection use 51396(4)
Detergents, synthetic, in liquid form, for household use 55412(5)
Disinfectants, in liquid form 59112(9)
Explosives and related materials 57200(7)
Gases, industrial 51590(4)
Gases, medical 51600(8)
Glues, prepared, not elsewhere specified (E.G. Glues and pastes for use in offices) 59209(1)
Hydrated lime, water treatment chemical 51355(2)
Ink, for printing and duplicating 53305(4)
Insecticides and pest repel 59101(1)
Paints, enamels, lacquers, and varnishes, not elsewhere specified 53320(5)
Polyelectrolytes (sludge treatment) 51374(A)
Reagent strips for urine testing 51111(9)
Reagents, diagnostic, for pregnancy test 51112(8)
Reagents, for chemical pathology 51118(2)
Reagents, for haematology 51116(4)
Reagents, for histology and cythology 51119(1)
Reagents, for immunology 51117(3)
Reagents, for medical use, not elsewhere specified 51113(7)
Reagents, for microbiology 51114(6)
Reagents, for virology 51115(5)
Soaps, toilet, in cakes 55400(9)
Soaps, toilet, in liquid form 55402(7)
Soaps, washing (E.G. Soft soaps and yellow washing soaps) 55404(5)
Sodium hypochlorite solution 51340(9)
Sodium silicofluoride, water treatment chemical 51365(0)
Sulphate of alumina, water treatment chemical 51362(3)
PGC Description PGC Code
Crockery, glassware, ceramic and mineral products
Bricks, building (E.G. Red bricks) 66202(4)
Fibreglass structures (E.G. Toilets, guard houses etc.) 66469(1)
Fibreglass and articles not elsewhere specified 66470(8)
Fibreglass raw materials, for the making of fibreglass products 66471(7)
PGC Description PGC Code
Electrical equipment and related products
Baggage inspection systems, x-ray 77410(0)
Batteries, other than nickel cadmium 77803(9)
Bulbs and tubes, lighting and discharge lamps, electric, non-filament (including fluorescent tubes and neon tubes) 77812(8)
Cameras, red light, for vehicle identification 77872(7)
Catering equipment, commercial/industrial, electrically or steam operated 77596(8)
Components and parts, electronic, not elsewhere specified 77695(6)
Cooking apparatus, electric, domestic 77550(0)
Dehumidifiers, domestic 77530(4)
Fans, electric, domestic 77560(9)
Fans, exhaust, domestic 77561(8)
Heaters, water, electric, domestic (E.G. Instantaneous storage or immersion type) 77535(A)
Kettles, electric, domestic 77540(2)
Laser equipment, non-medical use 77411(A)
Lighting fittings and accessories, electric, not elsewhere specified 77815(5)
Metal detection units, 'walk through' or hand-held type 77415(6)
Refrigerators and deep-freezers, electrical, domestic 77510(8)
Space heating apparatus, electric, domestic 77545(8)
Torches (flashlights) and hand lanterns, battery operated 77885(2)
Traffic control signalling equipment for roads 77870(9)
Traffic signal controllers 77868(3)
Traffic signal controllers, pedestrian 77869(2)
Traffic signal controllers for use in existing area traffic control (ATC) system (prequalification of suppliers required) 77804(8)
Road traffic signal housings (prequalification of suppliers required) 77808(4)
Uninterruptible power supply systems (UPS) 77825(3)
Urns, tea, electric 77541(1)
PGC Description PGC Code
Cabinets, racks and similar office equipment, for filing purposes, base metal, not elsewhere specified 82183(7)
Chairs and other seats, for institutions, auditoriums or stadiums 82118(5)
Cupboards, base metal 82110(2)
Furniture, household, not elsewhere specified 82185(5)
Furniture, office, not elsewhere specified 82187(3)
Furniture, schools and colleges, not elsewhere specified 82186(4)
Furniture, specialised, made-to-order (E.G. Winged preparation fittings, wooden barricade, light weight street furniture) 82188(2)
Lockers, kit, base metal 82112(0)
Mattresses and pillows, foam rubber 82130(9)
Racking/enclosure systems, for electronic equipment 82196(2)
Storage systems, mobile 82184(6)
PGC Description PGC Code
Leather and rubber materials/products
Beltings for conveyors or elevators, of rubber or other materials 62812(0)
Beltings for machines, of rubber or other materials (such as vee belts) 62810(2)
Mats, insulating, of rubber materials 62830(9)
PGC Description PGC Code
Machinery including pumping equipment
Air conditioners, self-contained (for parts, see 74120(8)) 74110(A)
Air conditioning parts, not elsewhere specified (E.G. Air filters, nylon) 74120(8)
Conveying and handling systems (such as baggage handling systems and conveyor belts) 74420(A)
Coolers, water 74150(2)
Cranes, mobile lifting frames 74415(7)
Filtering and purifying machinery and apparatus, for domestic/drinking purposes 74313(1)
Filtering and purifying machinery and apparatus, for industrial purposes 74312(2)
Filtering and purifying machinery and apparatus, for medical purposes 74311(3)
Laundry machinery, non-domestic 72860(9)
Lifting machinery (E.G. Works platforms, works towers, cradles and the like) 74425(5)
Machines and mechanical appliances, for public works, buildings and the like, not elsewhere specified 72390(7)
Metalworking machines and tools, not elsewhere specified 73610(A)
Paper cutting machines and knife for guillotine 72510(6)
Pre-press machinery 72600(5)
Printing, binding and finishing ancillary machine 72610(3)
Pumping plants 74210(7)
Pumps and plants, sewage 74216(1)
Pumps, vacuum 74316(9)
Pumps, water, small capacity 74212(5)
Refrigerators and refrigerating equipment, custom built, other than household type 74135(1)
Refrigerators and refrigerating equipment, for use in laboratories (E.G. For blood banks etc.) 74137(A)
Trucks, mechanical, for short distance transport or handling of goods (E.G. Platform trucks, fork-lift trucks and straddle carriers) 74410(1)
Valves and accessories, not elsewhere specified 74957(4)
Valves, butterfly 74951(A)
Valves, gate, cast iron, general 74958(3)
Valves, gate, copper alloy 74917(1)
Valves, gate, sluice and wedge gate, cast iron, for general purposes 74950(0)
Washers, high pressure 72885(0)
PGC Description PGC Code
Medical and medical laboratory equipment/supplies
Analysers, chemistry, for medical use, not elsewhere specified 92920(4)
Analysers, immunoassay 92924(0)
Analysers, parts, accessories and consumables 92990(1)
Apparatus and glassware for laboratory, not elsewhere specified 92995(7)
Bandages, adhesive, elastic 93005(4)
Bandages, crepe 93015(2)
Bandages, plaster of paris (P.O.P.) 93010(7)
Bandages, tubegauze 93030(3)
Blood specimen collection vials, disposable, plastic 93811(4)
Catheters, foley's 93108(9)
Catheters, intravenous, sterile, disposable 93405(3)
Centrifuge tubes 92997(5)
Centrifuges, ultracentrifuges (high speed centrifuges) and refrigerative centrifuges 92940(0)
Condoms 93835(7)
Cotton wool 93020(5)
Counters, blood cell 92910(6)
Dental instruments and appliances 92790(7)
Dental plaster 92797(0)
Dental units, including dental chairs and stools 92770(0)
Dressings, adhesive, elastic (E.G. Wound dressings and dressing strips) 93025(0)
Dressings, standard type 93026(A)
Face masks, disposable 93850(8)
Fume cupboards 92880(6)
Gloves, general hygienic purposes, disposable 93830(1)
Gloves, rectal or vaginal examinations, disposable 93827(7)
Gloves, rubber, surgical 93825(9)
Incontinent pads, disposable 93805(2)
Infusion sets, intravenous, disposable 93404(4)
Infusion sets, scalp vein 93501(4)
Laminar air flow cabinets 92881(5)
Microscopes 92965(2)
Needles, syringe 93817(9)
Pipettes, glass or plastic 92991(0)
Respirators (ventilators) 92310(2)
Safety cabinets, microbiological 92879(A)
Scanners, computerized tomographic 92833(2)
Swabs sets, pre-sterilized, plain wool, disposable 93022(3)
Thermometer sheaths, disposable 93860(6)
Thermometers, for measurement of body temperature 93915(8)
Tissue processor, automatic 92931(1)
Tubes, endotracheal and tracheostomy 93205(9)
Tubes, nasal feeding, sterile 93310(9)
X-ray equipment for dental applications 92102(8)
X-ray equipment, radiographic/fluoroscopic 92101(9)
X-ray films and chemicals 92110(8)
PGC Description PGC Code
Medicinal and pharmaceutical products
Alcohol, ethyl 30100(4)
Beclomethasone dipropionate preparations 40124(2)
Dental anaesthetic injection/solution 40121(5)
Dental drugs, not elsewhere specified 40115(3)
Disinfectants, for Hospital use 40101(9)
Drugs, for the preparation of medicines, not elsewhere specified 40105(5)
Extracts and tinctures 40103(7)
Paracetamol tablets 30902(0)
Paraffin, white soft 37200(6)
Streptomycin sulphate injection 37402(9)
Vaccines, measles 39802(0)
Vaccines, not elsewhere specified 39800(2)
PGC Description PGC Code
Metal products including tubes, pipes and fittings
Container offices 69110(6)
Cooking apparatus, metal, for L.P. Gas, domestic 69722(6)
Cooking apparatus, metal, for town gas, domestic 69724(4)
Fabrications, metal 69998(2)
Heaters, water, instantaneous and storage type, fired by L.P. Gas, domestic 69726(2)
Heaters, water, instantaneous and storage type, fired by town gas, domestic 69728(0)
Iron or steel materials, in bar, rod, angle, shape or section form, not elsewhere specified 67310(8)
Locks, padlocks and latches, base metal 69910(4)
Locks, used in top security premises 69912(2)
Metals, non-ferrous, miscellaneous, in bar, rod, angle, shape, section, strip, sheet or plate form, not elsewhere specified 68910(8)
Pipes, of ductile iron 67819(6)
Rackings, steel 69955(2)
Tools, for use in the hand or in machines, chiefly made of metal (E.G. Hand saws, wrenches, spanners, hammers and hand tool kits etc.) 69520(3)
Trolleys, miscellaneous, metal 69999(1)
PGC Description PGC Code
Minerals and raw/crude materials
Filters, anthracite, sand and gravel (E.G. Filter media for water treatment works) 27302(6)
Gases, petroleum and other gaseous hydrocarbons in the liquefied or gaseous state (E.G. L.P.G.) 28400(1)
Oils and greases, lubricating 28301(3)
Oils, fuel 28300(4)
Seeds, plants and flowers 29200(3)
Waste and rags, cotton 26300(1)
PGC Description PGC Code
Miscellaneous products
Appliances, apparatus and accessories for gymnastics, athletics, sports and outdoor games, not elsewhere specified 89415(4)
Arms and ammunitions 89710(0)
Bags, polyethylene, not elsewhere specified 89360(2)
Books, Chinese 89210(4)
Books, English 89212(2)
Breathing apparatus, for firemen 89950(8)
Brushes, tooth 89378(3)
Chemicals, equipment, tools, test kits, accessories, etc. For swimming pools 89900(7)
Crystal souvenir 89901(6)
Dispensers, adhesive tape 89592(A)
Equipment for indoor games, not elsewhere specified (including billiard tables and table-tennis requisites) 89410(9)
Explosive ordnance disposal (EOD) equipment and bomb handling equipment (E.G. Bomb disposal search suits, bomb suppression blankets and bomb detectors etc.) 89750(3)
Floor cleaning apparatus, household (E.G. Brooms, brushes, mops and squeegees) 89920(3)
Gift coupons 89951(7)
Grenades or cartridges, smoke and tear gas 89725(4)
Litter containers, plastic 89373(8)
Measuring spoons, medicine, plastic 89363(A)
Office and stationery supplies 89595(7)
Parking meters 96005(3)
Publications and periodicals (excluding legal publications and periodicals falling within heading 89216(9)) 89214(0)
Publications and periodicals, legal 89216(9)
Reflective sheetings and materials 89383(6)
Riot control articles (E.G. Shields and riot helmets) 89715(6)
Safety equipment, industrial (E.G. Safety belts, face shields, respirators etc.) 89945(5)
Specimen containers, plastic 89304(A)
Sundries for offset and letterpress E.G. Rubber blanket, steel cutting rule 89903(4)
Target-shooting articles, for training purposes (E.G. Shooting ranges and accessories) 89730(7)
Tents and marquees 89400(0)
Utensils, plastic, domestic, not elsewhere specified 89375(6)
Vests, bullet proof and the like 89720(9)
Water meters, 15mm 96011(5)
Water meters, other than 15mm 96010(6)
PGC Description PGC Code
Office equipment and data processing equipment
Communications/network equipment such as modems, multiplexors, network interface cards, hubs, bridges, routers, concentrators, tranceivers, repeaters, connectors, and cabling systems etc. 75221(0)
Computers, personal, DOS or OS/2 based 75215(9)
Computers, personal, other than DOS or OS/2 falling in 75215(9) 75216(8)
Direct data entry equipment (E.G. Bar code scanners, optical document readers etc.) 75252(4)
Mail inserting machines 75150(9)
Midrange open systems 75210(3)
Midrange proprietary systems 75211(2)
Office machines, not elsewhere specified (E.G. Facsimile machine) 75190(1)
Other peripherals and accessories for mid-range and PC based systems, such as tape drives, harddisks, floppy disk drives, CD-ROM drives, RAID systems, optical disk systems, data storage subsystems, etc. 75223(9)
Peripherals, IBM-compatible 75204(1)
Photo-copying machines 75140(0)
Printer consumables 75241(7)
Provision of consultancy services 75235(5)
Software packages 75225(7)
Technical workstations and CAD/CAM systems 75220(1)
Turnkey system services 75230(A)
PGC Description PGC Code
Photographic apparatus and optical goods
Cameras, cinematographic 88117(4)
Films and videotapes, for education and training 88310(5)
Goggles 88420(0)
Imagers, thermal 88428(3)
Night observation devices, including night vision binoculars 88426(5)
PGC Description PGC Code
Power generating machines
Engines, diesel and semi-diesel 71310(5)
Generators, electric 71620(5)
Motors, outboard (including spare parts) 71400(4)
PGC Description PGC Code
Road vehicles
Ambulances 78210(2)
Cars, motor, for transportation of passengers or goods or both 78100(7)
Cycles and scooters, motor 78500(6)
Lorries and trucks, for transportation of goods 78200(4)
Lorries, trucks and vans, motor, special purposes, not elsewhere specified 78230(9)
Major pumps and hydraulic platforms, fire fighting 78216(7)
Sweepers, road suction 78234(5)
Trucks, water tanker 78231(8)
Vehicle spare parts and accessories, general, not elsewhere specified 78430(3)
Vehicles, fire fighting 78215(8)
Vehicles, recovery 78233(6)
Vehicles, street/tunnel washing 78232(7)
PGC Description PGC Code
Sale of abandoned/confiscated vehicles 11106(4)
Sale of domestic appliances (E.G. Refrigerators, room coolers, dehumidifiers and fans etc.) 11107(3)
Sale of empty ammunition shells and cartridges 11102(8)
Sale of marine crafts 11101(9)
Sale of miscellaneous scrapped materials 11103(7)
Sale of outboard engines 11109(1)
Sale of paper waste 11104(6)
Sale of silver recovered from used x-ray fixing solution 11105(5)
Sale of unserviceable vehicles 11108(2)
Sale of used computer equipment and systems 11215(0)
Sale of used/unserviceable printing equipment 11110(8)
PGC Description PGC Code
Sanitary & plumbing fixtures and fittings
Sanitary and toilet articles, not elsewhere specified 81110(6)
PGC Description PGC Code
Scientific and controlling equipment and apparatus
Chromatographs, gas/liquid 95415(4)
Gas generators, nitrogen/hydrogen, for use in gas chromatographs 95416(3)
Instruments and apparatus for laboratory, analytical, not elsewhere specified 95495(A)
Instruments and apparatus for measuring, checking or analysing the degree of air pollution or the presence or the intensity of gases, not elsewhere specified 95920(3)
Instruments and apparatus for measuring, checking or analysing the quality of liquid or sludge 95921(2)
Instruments and apparatus for measuring, checking or analysing the quality of water 95922(1)
Instruments and apparatus for measuring, checking or analysing the quantity of electricity or electronics 95438(8)
Instruments and apparatus for measuring, checking or analysing the quantity of microwave 95439(7)
Instruments and apparatus for measuring, checking or analysing the quantity of sound 95436(A)
Instruments and apparatus for testing, calibration and analysing chemical properties 95315(7)
Instruments and apparatus for testing, calibration and analysing physical properties 95314(8)
Instruments and apparatus for testing, calibration and analysing radiofrequency 95316(6)
Instruments and apparatus for testing, calibration and analysing, not elsewhere specified 95313(9)
Instruments, appliances and machines for measuring, not elsewhere specified 95220(2)
Machines and appliances for testing mechanically the hardness, strength, compressibility, elasticity and properties of industrial materials (E.G. Metals, wood, textile, paper, soil, concrete, bricks etc.) 95850(0)
Meteorological instruments, other than meteorological radar under 95112(5) (E.G. Rainfall recorders, wind speed and direction sensors and meteorological balloons etc.) 95111(6)
Navigational instruments, not elsewhere specified 95010(A)
Noise control equipment, for industrial, commercial and medical audiometry applications (E.G. Sound isolating rooms, acoustic booths and acoustic enclosures etc.) 95871(6)
Radar apparatus, meteorological 95112(5)
Radar apparatus, not elsewhere specified (E.G. Navigational aid radars, radio remote control apparatus) 95011(9)
Radiation Monitoring Equipment (e.g. Walk Through or Handheld Radiation Detector) 95498(7)
Real-time ambient particulate monitors 95925(9)
Spectrophotometers 95410(9)
Surveying instruments, not elsewhere specified 95110(7)
PGC Description PGC Code
Auction service 12107(A)
Book finishing services (including folding, die/shape cutting, perforation and other binding operations etc) 12146(3)
Courier service to despatch general documents 12145(4)
Dental laboratory work 12140(9)
Horticultural maintenance services 12143(6)
Inspection service 12109(8)
Pre-press services (including typesetting, film assembly, colour separation and plate making etc) 12149(0)
Printing services (including offset, letterpress, silk screen and flexo rotary printing etc) 12151(6)
Printing support services (including knife grinding and roller redressing etc) 12152(5)
Production of publication and materials services in hardcopy or softcopy format 12144(5)
Provision of courier service to despatch general and restricted documents for various government departments 12139(2)
Provision of film/video production services and hiring of electric field production crew 12137(4)
Provision of medical examination service for appointment to civil service 12142(7)
Removal of offices 12110(4)
Repair of furniture 12123(A)
Surface treatment services on printed paper (including PP, PVC, OPP film lamination, spot UV and UV varnishing etc) 12153(4)
Tailoring service 12103(3)
Transportation service 12100(6)
Vehicles hiring service 12200(3)
PGC Description PGC Code
Telecommunications and audio-video equipment
Audio system/equipment, not elsewhere specified (E.G. For radio broadcasting) 76455(2)
Audio/visual materials (E.G. CD-ROM, audio/video tape, CD, DVD, etc.) 76300(9)
Audio/visual presentation equipment 76492(8)
Encryption equipment (E.G. For fax machine and secure data communication system) 76466(A)
Interactive voice response/processing systems 76484(8)
Intercommunication systems 76485(7)
Private automatic branch exchange (P.A.B.X.) system 76490(A)
Projectors, video 76120(0)
Radio systems, multi-channel, microwave 76464(1)
Radio-broadcast receivers (including complete set of hi-fi equipment), incorporating sound recorders or reproducers 76210(A)
Telemetry equipment and systems, not elsewhere specified (E.G. Equipment used for transmission and reception of coded messages on multiplexing principle by a communication channel and the related systems for remote supervisory control and data acquisition) 76467(9)
Telephone systems, key 76486(6)
Telephones, mobile 76488(4)
Transmitters and receivers, radio 76465(0)
Video system/equipment, not elsewhere specified (E.G. For T.V. broadcasting/production) 76457(0)
PGC Description PGC Code
Textiles, garments and related products
Accoutrements, leather (E.G. Belts, braces, truncheon frogs, revolver holsters, hand-cuff cases) 84820(4)
Bags, sand, hessian type 65801(2)
Bed sheets and pillow cases 65815(7)
Blankets, cotton 65811(0)
Blankets, wool 65810(1)
Boots, rubber 85135(3)
Buttons, medals and badges, base metal 84711(8)
Calico, cotton 65204(6)
Canvas goods, made-up type, not elsewhere specified 65805(9)
Casement cloth, 100% cotton, assorted colours, for making up of clothings and accessories for Hospital staff and patients 65215(3)
Clothings, Gore-Tex or similar material 84316(4)
Curtains and draperies, made-up type 65820(A)
Fabrics, woven, containing polyamide textile materials (such as nylon fabrics used for making air parcel bags) 65301(6)
Fabrics, woven, containing polyester textile materials (such as terylene, dacron type) 65303(4)
Fabrics, woven, cotton, not elsewhere specified 65299(5)
Fabrics, woven, wholly or mainly of wool, not elsewhere specified 65490(8)
Flags and banners 65830(8)
Footwear, leather 85110(1)
Gloves, cotton fabrics 84715(4)
Gloves, leather, for workmen 84812(4)
Gloves, unhardened vulcanized rubber, household 84810(6)
Helmets, safety 84830(2)
Protective wear, flash fire/chemical 84301(0)
Raincoats, plastic 84310(A)
Raincoats, textile materials 84230(9)
Shirting, twill, drill and casement cloths, wholly or mainly of cotton 65201(9)
Shoes, safety 85150(4)
Sleeping bags, nylon 65835(3)
Tapes, cotton 65601(8)
Towelling, wholly or mainly of cotton 65203(7)
T-shirts, cotton 84222(9)
Twill, blended, 65% polyester/35% cotton, assorted colours, for making up of uniform for government uniform staff and patients clothings 65216(2)
Vests, reflective 84320(8)
Protective wear for clinical use (e.g. isolation gowns, caps and shoe covers etc.) 84321(7)
PGC Description PGC Code
Wood and paper products
Articles of paper pulp, paper, paperboard or cellulose wadding, household type, not elsewhere specified 64280(9)
Board paper (including strawboard,bristol board chipboard, grey board, paste board and mill board) 64202(1)
Boxes, bags and other packing containers, of paper board and corrugated cartons 64201(2)
Boxes, envelopes, padded or not, for mailing purpose, with/without pre-printed materials E.G. Invitation cards 64203(0)
Cups, paper, disposable 64254(0)
Fibreboards, not elsewhere specified and fibre building boards, of wood or other vegetable material, whether or not bonded with natural or artificial resin or with other organic binders 64101(5)
Labels, self-adhesive and continuous stationery for computer 64238(0)
Labels, self-adhesive, bar code scanning 64240(6)
Note pads, removable and self-adhesive 64237(1)
Paper, for use with copying machines 64218(4)
Paper, toilet, cut to size, in rolls or in sheets; and cleansing tissues 64250(4)
Plywood 63400(1)
Printing paper and index card / board 64214(8)
Security paper and security laminating film 64206(8)
Tapes and labels, self-adhesive paper 64234(4)
Tapes, self-adhesive, cellulose, transparent 64235(3)
Timber of all kinds, not elsewhere specified 63402(A)