Notes on Publication of Public Notice in the Gazette

The Government of Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Gazette is normally published on Friday. For publication of a public notice in the Gazette, the application form GLD 18 together with relevant documents must reach the Printing Division, Government Logistics Department not later than 4.00 p.m. on Monday in the same week. If any one day from Monday to Friday of the week is a general holiday, the application must reach the Printing Division not later than 4.00 p.m. on Friday of the previous week. If there are two or more general holidays in the week, the closing date will be announced in Gazette Supplement No. 6 and on the Gazette website three weeks prior to the holidays.

Application form GLD 18 is available for downloading from the Government Logistics Department website and also obtainable from the Printing Division (2564 9570). It is acceptable for application to be submitted in company letterhead but all the information as required in application form GLD 18 must be provided.

Application form GLD 18 together with relevant documents may be sent to the Printing Division by one of the three means, viz. email, fax or by hand. The email, fax and the front of the envelope should be clearly marked 'GAZETTE DRAFT' for facilitating the processing of the application. Application for the same public notice should not be sent by all the above three means, otherwise all of them will be treated as separate applications. The public notice submitted for publication in the Gazette must be ensured accurate and is in its final form.

The Printing Division will typeset the public notice in accordance with the house style of the Gazette, and by fax send a proof to applicant for checking. Should there be no receipt of any proof by noon four days before the expected publication date, applicant is advised to contact the Printing Division at 2564 9570.

Applicant should check the proof carefully and sign the proof slip for approval; and by following the instructions in the proof slip, return the proof with the necessary fee to the Government Logistics Department before the specified deadline. Only one proof will be provided for proofreading.

Any proof not returned before the deadline as specified in the proof slip will be treated as withdrawal of application, but applicant will still be required to pay the full fee. Fees for publication of public notices are listed on the inside front cover of Gazette Supplement No. 6 and on the Government Logistics Department website. Payment does not include any fee charged by other Government departments including the Intellectual Property Department and the Companies Registry.

Notification for withdrawal of application for publication of public notice must be submitted in writing to the Printing Division by not later than 12.00 noon on the day following the closing date of application. Any late notification will not be entertained. If notification for withdrawal is submitted after the proof has been issued, applicant must pay the full fee irrespective of the reason for withdrawal.

If more than one copies of the same public notice are submitted to the Printing Division for typesetting, each one will be treated as a separate application and applicant will be required to pay the full fees irrespective whether the public notice will eventually be published or not.

Trade mark applications which are accepted under section 42 of the Trade Marks Ordinance (Cap. 559) are not required to be advertised in the Gazette. However, notices of trade mark applications are required to be advertised in the Gazette pursuant to rule 22(5) of the repealed Trade Marks Rules (Cap. 43A); and the application form should attach form IP185 issued by the Intellectual Property Department and the trade mark representations (either photographs or line drawings on plain paper) should be submitted with the application. Photographs or line drawings submitted along with the application should be collected by applicant within one month from the date of publication, otherwise they will be disposed of without further notice.

The Director of Government Logistics reserves the right to reject public notices which are considered not suitable for publication.

Printing Division, Government Logistics Department

Address: 10th Floor, Government Logistics Centre, 11 Chong Fu Road, Chai Wan,

Hong Kong.

Telephone: 2564 9570, 2564 9565


Publisher's Notice

The fact that any notice from a member of the public is published does not imply approbation by or on behalf of the Government of the contents of such notice.

Public Notice Charges

Rates for each insertion Per cm of length of notice
Single column Width 6 cm $182
Double column Width 12.5 cm $364

Measurement of the length of the notice will include standard head and foot margins. Fractions of 1 cm will be charged as 1 cm.

Public Notice Payments

General Demand Note Payment Method

The Accounts Section of the Government Logistics Department will issue a general demand note to a client by email. A client may pay the fee through PPS, ATM, e-Cheque, FPS, Internet Banking or other methods as detailed on the back page of the general demand note. After making payment, client should return the scanned image of payment record to Accounts Section by email for confirmation and the proof to the Printing Division of the Government Logistics Department by email or fax.

Collection Office Payment Method

A client can also return the proof and the payment by hand to the Collection Office at Accounts Section, Government Logistics Department, 10/F, North Point Government Offices, 333 Java Road, North Point, Hong Kong. The office hours of the Collection Office is from Monday to Friday: 8:30 am to 1 pm, 2 pm to 5 pm. Cheques, drafts or cashier’s orders should be made payable to “The Government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region” or “The Government of the HKSAR” and crossed. They must not be made payable to any individual officer. Payment is valid only after the cheque, draft or cashier’s order is cleared.