To provide a cost-effective and efficient service to Government departments, subvented organisations and certain non-government public bodies, the Procurement Division, Supplies Management Division, Printing Division and Land Transport Division have adopted the following performance pledges:

Item No. Activity Target
(1) Issue of a tender invitation within twelve working days upon receipt of the agreed user specifications 93%
(2) Processing and referral of tenders received to users for evaluation within four working days 95%
(3) Submission of tender recommendations to the approving authority within twelve working days upon receipt of the completed evaluation report 93%
Item No. Activity Target
(1) Responding within seven working days to requests in connection with quarters furniture (excluding orders where delivery is requested on a date more than seven working days ahead) 95%
(2) Completing inspection of delivered goods within seven working days 90%
(3) Disposing of confiscated, unserviceable, technically obsolete and unclaimed stores by public auction within 21 working days 95%
Item No. Activity Target
(1) Printing and delivering printed materials within an agreed schedule 98%
(2) Providing written technical advice on printing within seven working days 98%
Item No. Activity Target
(1) Transport pool resources utilization - % of the drivers tasked daily 90%
(2) Transport pool resources utilization - % of pool vehicles utilized daily 88%

Services Monitoring

We will strive to improve the performance of our pledged standards and targets in order to raise the levels of customer service and cost-effectiveness of our services.

We will conduct regular surveys on matters covered by this pledge to gauge customers' views. We are committed to doing our best to meet performance standards and to further improve our services.


We welcome comments or suggestions on the way in which our services are provided. We will also do our best to fulfill our pledges. There may however be circumstances when we are not able to meet our targets. In such cases, you have a right to a full and prompt explanation. Please feel free to contact us.