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The Government of Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Gazette is normally published on Friday and consists of seven parts :

  • Main Gazette - statutory notices, for appointments, departmental notices and public tenders;
  • Legal Supplements: No. 1 - Ordinances, No. 2 - Regulations and No. 3 - Bills;
  • Special Supplement No. 4 - Periodical lists of registered professionals, etc;
  • Special Supplement No. 5 - Draft Bills, Executive Orders, Orders of the State Council, etc; and
  • Supplement No. 6 - Public Notices.

In addition, Gazette Extraordinary is published when there is a special need on a day other than Friday with its own sequence of issue numbers and notice numbers.

Although the Government Gazette has a history of over 160 years, the publication was re-numbered as Volume No. 1 in July 1997. At the beginning of every calendar year, the issue number and all notice numbers for the Government Notices, Ordinances, Regulations, Special Supplements and Public Notices will start afresh. Therefore, the first issue of Year 2000 is Issue No. 1, Volume No 4, and the first Government Notice (G.N.) for the year is G.N. No.1 of 2000.

Previous issues of the Main Gazette, Legal Supplements No. 1, 2, 3 and Special Supplement No. 5 since 19 May 2000 and Special Supplement No. 4 and Supplement No. 6 since 1 April 2008 are available for searching on-line. For issues prior to these dates, readers may read the printed versions available in public libraries and the Government Records Service.

There is a search function for finding the Government and Legal Notices by their notice numbers or the keywords from the title after selecting the issue number.

At the table of contents, readers may send an e-mail to the Government bureau/department concerned for further information on a government notice by clicking the name of the issuing authority.

Readers are required to install Adobe Acrobat Reader Version 8.0 or above to read the Government Gazette. The software can be downloaded from

Enquiries may be sent to :